Welcome To Sylhet House Travel Centre

Sylhet House Travel Centre Ltd is the Saudi Ministry of Hajj approved agent for Hajj& Umrah services, and IATA accredited travel agent for worldwide ticketing. We have been serving the community for more than three decades. Since its inception, Sylhet House has been providing all travel-related services especially Hajj & Umrah packages to the pilgrims competently with excellent customer service. We have started our family business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and then moved to London. In addition to our London offices, we have also appointed agencies throughout the UK including Birmingham, New Castle and Manchester. A large number of our customers travel mainly to Saudi Arabia for Hajj & Umrah, Bangladesh and to other destinations in the Middle East, African, Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, and also to various destinations in Europe & America every year.

We have obtained adequate expertise by dint of organizing tailored Hajj and Umrah packages for such a long time. As a market-leading Hajj operator, a team of most experienced and friendly members of our agency take care of our Hajjis from booking to travelling to the holy land and on their return. On top of this, we have got our knowledgeable Hajj guides who are very keen to help the pilgrims with their knowledge and experience. Every year we take bookings from the very beginning of the Hajj season on a first come first serve basis and deal with all travel queries amiably.
Besides our Hajj and Umrah packages we also do airline ticketing with major airlines and deal with visa queries etc.

We have been passing through a very challenging time during the Covid-19, yet by the grace of Allah SWT, we are still here and are hoping that everything would be back to normal in the coming months and years insha'Allah.